Benefits of Red Light Therapy

A Healing Treatment

Red Light Therapy is a healing treatment which uses the red spectrum of light to boost and energize your body's natural defense systems and bring relief from various ailments. Red light is primarily absorbed by your skin, leading to increased collagen production and optimal skin health.

RED LIGHT THERAPY - Reduces Pain and Inflammation.

Heat alone can reduce stiffness by 20%. Red light opens blood vessels to increase blood flow and oxygen, helping relieve pain and inflammation.


1. Increased Immunity and Reduced Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Research done by NASA in conjunction with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has shown that re light technology can successfully reduce symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including painful side effects caused from radiation or chemotherapy.

2. Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

Red light therapy has been shown to positively affect skin cells through regeneration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells all found within skin tissue.

3. Anti-Aging Effects for Skin and Hair Loss

Subjects treated with red light therapy experienced significantly improved skin complexion, improved skin tone, improved texture/feeling, reduced skin roughness, reduced signs of wrinkles and fine lines, and increased collagen density as measured through ultrasonographic tests.

4. Improved Joint and Musculoskeletal Health

Red light therapy is now being used to treat arthritis symptoms thanks to its capability of stimulating collagen production and rebuilding cartilage.

5. Reduced Depression and Fatigue

Red light therapy has been shown to increase self-confidence, positivity, passion, joyfulness, laughter, social awareness, conversation skills and sensory stimulation in some individuals.

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